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Alphabet Rubbings! May 13, 2008

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This is a variation on an activity we did a month or so ago–that time it was using numbers, while this involves letters. Fortunately, I learned a lot while doing the previous activity, and have the forms mounted on foam already. I also have a lot of paper cut up for the activity.

Each square features the capital and lowercase letter and two items that begin with that letter. This provides vocabulary and letter awareness practice, as well as further developing motor skills. I hope since we have children returning to the center to participating in the activities they will learn how to do this activity and develop the motor skills required.

There are lots of great alphabet books to go with this activity, and it is such a simple take down and set up. Though I plan on covering the table to prevent children from scribbling everywhere.

This week I will have a practicum student observing the activities and planning her own, so I wanted something simple that she could help with. Not that she couldn’t figure out something complicated, but so she has time to work on her program for next week and figure out where everything is and how everything works. It is so hard to go into a new system and figure out where things are and how they do things there.



1. Stef - May 23, 2008

Did you come to the Ohioana Book Festival? We had a station for dinosaur rubbings. Dinosaur shapes (t-rex head, raptor, stegosaurus, triceratops, etc.) were cut out of thick sandpaper and mounted on heavy cardboard. They made for some very fossil-like rubbings. Boys and girls both enjoyed it. Not exactly literacy skills but definitely a cute, fun (and easy) craft.

2. swegene1 - May 24, 2008

I didn’t come, since I had to work. But that would be fun! I found it was kind of hard for the very little kids to hold the paper steady and rub the crayon, which is why we used tape. Even so it is difficult motor skills wise for little kids–but I think older kids would love it. I think a Halloween theme would be awesome as well–funeral rubbings are very traditional!

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